The Dance of Love

Recalling love: pt-1


So, though he was back.. Still a part of him was still missing. Sometimes while talking to him she had to remind herself that he is not that old crazy lover, like she remembered. She really used to hold herself back while talking to him. It was tough keeping up with this “pretending” game. She really wanted to talk to him like they used to talk, like lovers do. Everyday the main focus was on making him remember what it used to be like before. She knew it will take time… And decided to wait.

But what is the guarantee of getting him back again? What is the guarantee of getting anyone back ever again in your life? They say, broken mirror cannot be fixed. But they also say that true love don’t give up on each other no matter what. And that’s what she believed on and  kept holding onto this “relation”.

One day, he texted her late at night and asked her to share things from their past and how they used to spend their time together. So she reminded him why she ever said yes to him. She replied,

“The day you proposed me, I said yes on the basis of your nature and how well we got along with each other. Next day, something happened. Something very special. You looked me into my eyes and asked me to trust you. And that look in your eyes…. Oh I can’t forget those eyes full of confidence, like you really wanted to be with me, like you really was into me.

And I saw those eyes.. And closed mine and said yes.. I gave all of me to you. I didn’t think twice because it felt so right. I was excited to start this new life with you and only you.

It was like a guy asking a girl for a dance. And when a guy makes his first move, asking the girl to make the next move. Now it’s on girl whether or not to make the next move. And there, when girl makes her moves after the guy.. Then guy makes the next.. And like this it continues.. Now that’s called a dance.. Where both the life partner enjoy each others company, making and giving lead.. Following each other.. Getting hold of each other, touching and feeling every moves. The dance of love.

Now for perfect dance you need perfect choreography, perfect trust.

And you had all of my trust. You had all of my love. The music of love was so loud and clear. It told me not to hold back. And I didn’t. I just danced with you. And ever since then I’ve always wished to dance with you again.”

Everything went silent for a moment. He got speechless.

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