Weed >> Alcohol

Weed over alcohol any day, any time!


Hi there lovely people!

So, last night me and Psybird planned to have a lil’ party at my place (normally it’s party everyday with him). He planned to bought in some herb (marijuana) and all kinda munchies along with him and a bottle of red wine. But then I called and told him to bring in other kinda alcohol. I am not much of a drinker now but thought it will a good change. Some of you who don’t know me might not be aware of the fact that I totally hate alcohol now (not before). Yes, now I try to avoid that thing. Occasionally, I have wine. Apart from that beer or a shot of vodka/tequilla or a peg of whiskey/scotch but still don’t quote me on that.

I waited for him like forever to come home. Here is a pic of me waiting and playing with the camera🙃. Tried this cute lil’ bun. (How does this look?) I don’t try this style often because I look cute in it. Urghh!! And I don’t want to look like a cute innocent lil’ girl. But still gave it a shot. Because change is good!

Me waiting for him like..

He finally arrived home in the evening. Made a joint and pour in some Teacher’s 12 years old (that’s his fav booze) into the glass. I took a sip and it felt alright to me. There was no weird, awful smell or taste.

Well, just when I was thinking everything is fine, I felt something weird in my stomach. And guess what?! A minute later I was throwing up. Phewww😓. After that I decided not to drink more and just stick with the weed and pizza because they go hand in hand. Right?!


FYI, I had some bad experiences with alcohol. I was an alcoholic mess. But one night things changed when I vomited blood after boozing. I was consuming alcohol regularly in a large amount. Probably because I was depressed and wanted a way outta it (but that was not the solution clearly). Alcohol made me forgot about all the things for that moment but when sober I used to find myself back in the same situation. Another reason why I was sucha an alcoholic mess was that all my friends with whom I used to hangout were into boozing. I had no other option.
But it all changed when I had that awful experience with alcohol. I slowly lowered down my rate of consumption of that shit and later I completely got over it when I met Psybird. He was the one who introduced me to the cure/herb/weed. Though I had smoked that stuff already but he was the one who made me do it in a right way.

Psybird is a pool of knowledge for all the chemicals and drugs related subjects. I should call him an “Alchemist“, which I believe is passed down to him by his maternal grandfather. His grand-dad was an AAyurvedic doctor. Psybird worked as an apprentice with his grand-dad, so I guess that’s why he knows more about all kinda herbs!

Now, coming back to the point. I get guys coming to me STILL and asking me if I drink?! To which I normally reply NO. It amaze them to some extend. And I get it because a girl of my age withdrawing alcohol is hard to accept. No girl like me would ever like to say no to any kinda alcohol being offered. But the main fact that they fail to point out about me is “I am an exceptional”. Some of them guys would tell me that weed is not good and alcohol is. Well hellooooo!!!! Don’t tell me that, buzz off and educate yourself!

Accurate af🤣 Lolzz!

I would prefer weed over alcohol any day and anytime. Let’s agree with the fact that- Weed is good and alcohol is not. Marijuana was in India for ages and it’s being used as a medicine for like forever. Being an Indian how could you not know the fact that even lord Shiva used that for a healthy purpose and guess what he was not dying because of that. Weed is good for your body, health and even your sex-life (makes notes you people). Weed cures cancer and also helps in getting relief from stress, anxiety and depression. I know for some of you it can be addicting but it all depend on you and your will-power. Don’t let weed or any other drug use you. Instead use that for your own betterment.

You can call me a lil’ obsessed with weed because I know how that thing helped me with my anxiety and depression. Weed along with good music and good company is how I chill.

Hope you people are chilling too! Thanx for reading my blog. Keep smiling 🙂


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