Shifted to Delhi!

Hi there lovely people,

It’s been ages since I blogged for the last time. Well here are few updates that I would like to share with you guys.

I live in Delhi now. Yikess!😱 I know some of you who knows me very well might be in complete shock, because I’ve always hated this place. Told few of my friends and I got the same shocking reaction from each and every one of them. They all were like- “How come you living in Delhi now? You have always hated that place.”
Well I had to come to Delhi. If not now, then later. First of all, Dehradun (my hometown) is not a place where you can grow. You don’t get more opportunities and for a Computer Science student like me who just freshly graduated, it’s certainly NOT the best option! Second, it was about time that I had to move out of my house in order to live independently. Delhi being the only metropolitan city which is not far away from my hometown was the BEST option for me. Though my parents didn’t forced me to get away with my life but it was my and only my decision. I always wanted to live independently since I was 15yrs old. Always wanted to run away from my family (there was no family). But sadly, we don’t have any good jobs available for teenagers in India, especially for teenage girls unless you have a well settled boyfriend and run away with him (Some girls did that and got played !!Bad option!!). And also to get a good job one must have a college degree. So, I decided to complete my college first. Third, I have all my good friends living here. One of them of-course is my sweet boyfriend.

You see, I never wanted to visit Delhi but I HAD TO.. I had no other option!!

Now, it’s been three months since I am in Delhi. At the beginning, this place was killing me because I am basically a mountain girl, never visited any plain region, always visited a hill station or much cooler place during my entire life till now. You can agree on the fact that people take time to adjust, well in my case I took hella amount of time.. still taking time to adjust! But now I am getting much more used to this. I have been super busy for the first two weeks in shifting and adjusting into my new apartment.

Adjusting took lotsa time. For the first week I didn’t even got high with my boyfriend because the place was creeping me out and I thought if I get high now, then it might creep me out a bit more. Talking about the atmosphere, the amount of oxygen you breathe in here is comparatively low and impure than in Dehradun. All of this sudden changes occuring in my body due to the change in surrounding and atmosphere caused me to lose my health and I stayed sick for almost a month. And whenever I get sick, it makes me miss my mom and all that care and pampering that I used to receive at home. I was always feeling homesick. But that feeling didn’t last for long enough because my bf treats me like a princess and take special care of me. So cute!😘

Surprisingly, I always used to tell people, that I will shift to Bangalore after my graduation because  I hated the other option which was Delhi. The word itself “Delhi” used to make me cringe so much at that time. But as the time passed away it all become more clearer to me that destiny plays an important role in your life. And it was my destiny that made me to come here. I strongly believe that destiny wanted me to see and live here and know the actual truth about the life in Delhi, because most of us what we hear about this place is a plain myth. It’s better not to judge something about a situation without actually living in and experiencing it.

Some of you might be thinking why I used to hate Delhi? Well, I will share all the reasons with you all in my upcoming blogs, so stick around!

Till then keep smiling!! 🙂



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