Into the woods…

Into the woods we go to loose our mind and find our soul!


Lost and catatonic, I was seeking for a solution from everyone, in every possible way. There had to be someone who would have spelled it all out for me. My inner self slowly giving up.

“What was I looking for again?”- I asked to myself.

Solution, I guess. But solution to what problem?

And then I started becoming more insane. Damn! I don’t know what is the goddamn problem..

There comes a time when we really don’t know what is going wrong with us or around us. In this busy, monotonous world surrounded by people out of which 80% of them got nothing to offer to you other than headache. We sometimes tend to lose ourselves, we tend to lose that inner connection with our one and only soul.

So I back-tracked to the place where I came from. Back in the lap of mother nature. I wrote few lines on mother nature on the occasion of Mother’s Day :

Mountains covered with the mist 
Beauty of nature seemed hard to resist 
Old yellow and brown leaves 
Wind gust making them creak 
And into the woods we go more deep
Away from everyone in search for peace.

Into the woods I go to find myself even more.

I was at peace and found myself, who I really am, what I really seek for. I would have not done this without PsyBird. He took me to the places where I really wanted to be. He took me to that wonderland that I’ve only dreamt about. Though I used to get mad at him at the beginning because you know I am a mf queen 😛 Just kidding!

It’s been more than two month since I am away from my hometown here in this f**kin city and I can’t explain how much I miss home, especially those mountains, forests and all those long road trips. Normally here hanging out means going to malls, lounge, bar and all those crazy clubs who play f**king Bollywood or common English songs. I mean com’on, I would have thought about going to those places if they had good taste in music! How do you expect to create that right ambiance without the right music?! Explain me that!

I feel sorry when hear people telling me about all this stuff like it’s THE ONLY thing in the world left to do.

World is so big and it got lotsa things to offer. I only try to open people’s mind and try to make them think  see what they really missing out. But again you can’t force them to do what they are not capable of.

Anyways, I miss all what I have experienced when I stood there on top of the mountain and cool breeze touching my face. It really cooled down my soul from deep inside. It’s truly said- Heaven is a place on earth. And it become even more wonderful  when you have that someone special standing by your side.

Thanx for reading out my blog!

Keep smiling! 🙂

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