My first time… with Psy!

I have heard people around me talking about that several times (especially boys). They used to tell me that it is a fun thing to do and I should try doing that.

Many guys used to ask me to join them. But I was not so sure of myself if I was ready to do that. After all it required lots of hard work and stamina, then only you would be able to enjoy it at the end.

A part of me wanted to do it because it was something new for me to experience and hearing from guys that it makes you feel like you are at top of the world made my soul even more restless. Some guys even told me that it’s good for health and it’s an aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping.

But the other half of me used to say NO because it required lots of stamina and it could be painful for any beginner before one reach the final destination. And if not taking any precautions then it might give you bad results. And also I was an old-school girl in this kinda matter, who wanted to experience all this with “my guy” for the first time. That would have made it more special, right?!

During my first year of college, I was in a relationship with a guy. He seemed right to me in every sense.

“Finally now I can do that”, I thought.

But the guy was not into all that stuff and so I never got any chance. Later, many guy came into my life who were interested in that but somehow I never felt that anyone of them was worth it.

With time all my hope shattered and vision of experiencing that in my life started to disappear.

But good things happen in your life when you least expect it.

I met Psy-Bird. Within only a week he asked me for that. Because he seemed right to me so I agreed. He decided the place and asked me to wear something comfortable. (I was unsure what my attire gotta do with that?)

Next day, excited and a bit nervous, I headed towards his decided place. I had all kinda mixed feelings about that thing. There he was waiting for me and from there he took me to that spot where all this was going to take place.

He gently took my hand and told me to follow his lead. At first it was all going smooth and fine. As the time passed by, I was breathing heavily and was sweating. (It sure do need some stamina!) But he kept going on. I asked him to slow down but he said this way we are never going to make it. So he pushed and pulled me towards him and tried everything.

Oh gosh! I am going to faint now. Suddenly he lifted me. I looked at him. He was all hot n’ sweaty. And finally we made it!!!

I must say when I reached our final destination it all felt magical. It felt like I am on cloud nine. The view was mesmerizing and breath-taking. He held my hand tightly as we looked at the view of the mountains covered with fog.

We rested there on top of the mountain till evening and had quite a time together. It was just us and no one else.

Yes, my dear friend.. This was my first time HIKING with Psy!! 

Haaa!! Suckers I was talking about hiking this whole time. What ya’ll dirty minded people were thinking?!! 😛

Thanx for going through my post. Keep smiling 🙂



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