If I smoke, Why you burn?!

India, a place where people are willing to give you endless advises and suggestions. They will lecture you and will talk about morals forgetting the fact that they themselves don’t have the basic moral (i.e. you don’t give advises or suggestions until you are asked for!). They will bring you down with their discouraging words because they are doing no good in their own life. Word of advice to them, why don’t you people invest that precious amount of time in yourself rather than wasting it on giving away your “no-good” suggestions and lectures.

India, a place where people restrict others (especially girls) from doing things because they were too weak and coward to do it at first place. Well, seriously this is way too disgusting! If you people can’t do or never tired to do, how can you underestimate others for the same thing. All my life I’ve come across several people and most of them, say 99.999999% fall under this category.  I call them “preachers“. And this bring me to say only one thing i.e.

India, a land where people burn, if you smoke!

Believe it or not, but it’s true that if you smoke here in India, I bet before the smoking burns you, it burns people around you. And if you are a girl then it certainly will burn them down to ashes. And moreover if you are a Stoner-Chick then Welcome to my world gal!

Before you even know it, you will find people standing out for you in line to purify your soul with words that were passed on by their own “conservative parents”. Now if you get a chance to take out all your frustration on others, you certainly don’t want to lose that. Same is with them, after listening to all those lectures all these years from their own close ones and from others they finally get a chance to take it out on someone who is doing the same thing which is considered bad according to them.

Alright, I agree with the fact that smoking is injurious for health. But you are missing the main point here—> REGULAR smoking is injurious for health!!

And talking about weed. Weed is a herb FYI. It’s not some kinda bad drug (like Coke, LSD, MDMA etc). It is used to cure people mentally and emotionally. If someone is finding peace and if that thing is calming him/her down, what is your problem people?!

It can be addictive BUT it totally depends on the person how s/he gets a hold on that thing. Why don’t you preach in front of those who are addicted to this stuff, but of course high level stoners won’t even listen to you!! Lolzz 😀

So you people go on targeting us who have a hold on this thing and preach in front us about control who have been there and done that and guess what, we ain’t addicted to that!

FYI people I’ve got hand full of stuff with me still 2 months clean—- And you call this addiction?? Think about it.

And you know what is more funny, when people who don’t even have a lil’ amount of knowledge about this thing, talks in front of us like he knows everything. Lets get this clear, you are here after listening to others talking bad about this and you have seen  people going crazy about stuffs like this BUT as I’ve mentioned earlier not everyone is same.

Moreover, I sense that it’s their alter ego (ego like if I can’t do this, how can someone) that they go on telling others to stop smoking because all stoners do have free soul and it’s normal to get jealous if someone is free of tensions and you are not! If you can not do that and can not stand such things, simply YOU WALK AWAY! 😛

~~Lets get into another story and at the end you gets to decide if I am addictive or not?!~~

I used to drink a lot before getting involved in the stuffs like weed, hash and all. To my surprise no one ever asked me to stop drinking because most of them drink for themselves. So they don’t find anything wrong with that because they are doing that too. And I remember getting sick and vomiting blood due to excessive drinking but no one ever stopped offering me a drink. And it was me who decided to get sober.Till this date I am clean. It’s been 6 months!

It’s not my fault if I wanted to taste it all, good or bad. Afterall  you can not decide what’s good or bad until you have experienced it all on your own. And in future I will be passing  it down to my children and my grandchildren, all my experiences  and pure authentic knowledge that I have got because I have felt that up close in my real life.

Some of you who thinks that Psy-bird have anything to do with it, let me make you clear that he is not like all those fuck boys who spoil girls and then take advantage of them. I still remember our first meet and we smoked together and he didn’t even touched me (while deep down I wanted to kiss him so badly because he was not like all other guys). He never encouraged me to smoke weed.

Sadly it’s not restricted to smoke only. I find millions of guys trying to lecture me down for everything I do. Just because it’s something different, something that they have not encountered before. And also because I am a girl and this country is male dominant.

So I will keep smoking and chilling with my guy (♥_♥) while rest of you preachers and haters out there can burn in hell!!

And for stoner-chicks like me.. PUFF PUFF AND BLOW IT ON THEIR FACE! 😛

Keep smiling 🙂


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