Satanism: A taboo

An introductory post on Satanism

Whenever anyone of us hear the word Satanic/Satanism, it’s normal to think that it has something to do with the evil stuff as we all know that usually term evil is always linked with the Satan.

Satan: A figure appearing in the texts of the Abrahamic religions who brings evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray.

I thought of this whole thing as an evil too at the beginning. But one of my friend who is the “ocean of knowledge” told me that it’s not what I think and he suggested me to go through the basic book of satanism i.e The Satanic Bible.


Now for those who know me might be thinking what is wrong with me, why I am into all of these weird things, why this and that. Answer is simple my friend: CURIOSITY!

It all started when a guy came up to my friend asking about illuminati and stuff. This further led him to more related stuffs like satanic culture, the judgement day etc. etc.. Later that day when our lectures got over we all decided to visit The Masonic temple: Freemasons, which we all have heard about. At first I did not believe that we have that thing in our area but it all became real when we finally reached the spot. Two of our friends returned home halfway because they felt that the place might be haunted, probably because it is linked with dark things. At the end only three of us were left (curious guy, ocean of knowledge n me).

As expected, the area was restricted and we were not allowed to enter. But we interrogated the people living nearby about the place. They told us that it is closed for the outsiders and only certain people are allowed and some kinda meetings are held there. “Well we know what kinda meetings you are talking about?!”, both of my friends looked at each other. And finally they asked us to leave. So, we left the place with our unanswered questions and that left us with the curiosity to know more about that stuff.

Just another day my friend brought the Satanic Bible to the class. All our fellow mates when saw that book asked if it’s a book of some black magic and all. I’ve heard him talking about this book earlier too and he told me it’s not something evil but it’s a philosophy and pretty much more than that.

And so I took it home and went through it. Just when I finished the first portion of the bible, it all became clear to me, it was nothing like what everyone talks about satanism. There was nothing evil in that. I agreed with all of the point that the author tired to make because all of them were right, well more than right to me. To my surprise, I came to know that I was already following half of those rules in my life for like forever. But does that make me satanic? Ofcourse NO! It totally depends on you what you want to be. Most likely, most of us end up being shit!

All I know, that Satanic Bible is a great book and it would be even greater if you actually try to work that into your life. It talks more about individualism and how to grow stronger and how to focus on your originality. Sadly, people who are totally against it have linked it with something evil. Doing wrong deeds in the name of the Satan! The Satanic Bible never talked about hurting anyone nor supported any of those rituals where weird sacrifices are made.

At last, Shemhamforash!

Hope to write more about this topic in my coming posts. Keep looking forward to it. And keep smiling:)



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