Psychedelic~Bird: Intro

Walking down the street
When night is dark n deep
And people all around are in sleep
You walk alone in this cold night
Smoking n going through same old trips..

Clouds making sound; at distance, lightning strike the ground
You look up wishing if this time he’ll rain it over you
And as the first drop of rain touches your skin
You start wondering where she’s been….
Do you think of me? Do you feel it?
Or am I the only misfit?
And you keep walking before you sleep…

Psychedelic-bird aka Psy-bird is not just a name. It’s life. It’s a whole different world within a person. It’s unique. It’s exceptional.

We all are unique in our own way but uniqueness which tend to change people, leaving some life-changing impact on them is worth it. And so I call them  “The Exceptionals” because you don’t get to meet such kinda people in your day-to-day life that easily. You have to search through the crowd, cause they won’t be coming to you. But exceptionals  tends to fall under a particular category called “misfits” for normal people. Not everyone get them or handle them not because there is something wrong with them (that’s what other says) but because they are unique and are on whole new different level of life than rest of the people making all others outta their league. Divine. Pure. Away from all the shit that other youngsters (also mature people) are running after which includes fun, timepass, sex etc. Getting hold on these things and rising above all this shit at such an age is divine and unique. You know what’s more divine and unique, empathizing with other is!

♥ ♥ ♥ Well this is the first post of my site dedicated to Psy-Bird.. And when you read this birdie lemme remind you that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!! ♥ ♥ ♥

And you rest out there keep smiling and keep looking forward to my next post, there is more coming to it. Sayonara!:)


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